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World Cup 2018 Germany v Mexico by superiornite World Cup 2018 Germany v Mexico :iconsuperiornite:superiornite 1 2 Batman Beyond by superiornite Batman Beyond :iconsuperiornite:superiornite 1 5 Light by superiornite Light :iconsuperiornite:superiornite 2 2 Meta Teaching by superiornite Meta Teaching :iconsuperiornite:superiornite 1 37 Just Friends or More by superiornite Just Friends or More :iconsuperiornite:superiornite 4 52 Superwonder by superiornite Superwonder :iconsuperiornite:superiornite 7 58
The Legend of Heroes: Ch.1
When I was a boy, my father, Avatar Aang, told me the stories about how he and his friends heroically ended the Hundred Year War and formed the Justice Society. Avatar Aang and the Justice Society accomplished many remarkable things and victories, in the era known as the Golden Age of Heroes. But then, as the times changed, the struggle for peace and balance grew to fuel conflicts. Conflicts arose, where loss of life became inevitable.
Menaces and villains rose up to challenge the Society. Eventually, the people called for the disbandment of the Justice Society. The Golden Age had ended, and all members of the Justice Society were either being of service to a sovereign nation or are forced to retire.
But while the Golden Age had ended, through the winds of time, a new age was dawning.
The Legend of Heroes
Book 1: Air
Chapter 1: Welcome to R
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Next Gen: Super Cafe Beyond
Still, among the shining example of human achievement, the city of Metropolis has advanced along with all other cities through the years of technology, architecture, and development. But despite all the flying cars in the certified city airways, there were places that still remained the same. Like a particular cafe-diner that was not too shabby, but there was something that made it special; it was a watering hole for superheroes.
Whether amateur or veteran superheroes, if you were a person who went out and saved people and stopped villains, then this is the place to come if you wanted to rest. There are other cafe-diners like this one of other major cities across the world, but this one, in particular, had two special guests; the son of Superman and Wonder Woman and the son of Batman.
Kairos was not one to eat, due to embracing his heritage and physiology in surviving solely on solar radiation, but the cafe served beef bourgionnin, so this was an exception.
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Batman Beyond by superiornite Batman Beyond :iconsuperiornite:superiornite 1 0 Kairos Inspiration Meme by superiornite Kairos Inspiration Meme :iconsuperiornite:superiornite 1 28 Monty Python And The Holy Grail Cast Meme By Murlo by superiornite Monty Python And The Holy Grail Cast Meme By Murlo :iconsuperiornite:superiornite 1 36 DC Controversy Meme by superiornite DC Controversy Meme :iconsuperiornite:superiornite 11 50
Next Gen Chapter 3 Part 2
Warworld, Throne Arena...
Black Hood, Zach, and R'iva appear via a teleport inside a grand hall where a broken throne stood.
R'iva, noticing that Black Hood and Zachary were with her, praises, "oh thank H'ronmeer, I'm not alone again."
Constantine seeing the differences from last time,"The hell is Superboy?"
"Lisa's not here either," Terry comments out loud.
On the other side of the hall, two Durlans appeared alongside a humanoid in green armor. R'iva, taking a look at their most likely opponents, says, "I know those are Durlans, but I can't tell what species that woman is."
Black Hood activates his detective vision, "Considering she's not snow white but has similar biology to Kasador, I'm gonna assume she's Almaracian. Shall Magic Man and I take on the Durlans?"
"Almaracian's are dangerous telepaths. Yeah, I'll take her," R'iva agrees.
"If you say so, mate," Zach responds, as he conjures two mystical circles of energy around his hands and takes a stance of co
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Next Gen Chapter 3 Part 1
Warworld, Earth City Arena...
In a flash of light from the teleport's energy aura, Lisa and Terry appear in the middle of a street of what resembled a random Earth city.
Lisa looking around the environment they were in, confused asks out loud, "We're… home?"
Black Hood taking a look around observing, then answers, "I doubt it. Mongul wouldn't just dump us here after taking us."
A feminine voice from the intercom was heard by the two teenagers, saying, "assets from the Earth batch, Lisa Luthor and Black Hood, will be facing the colossal monger-class Coluan battle suit, piloted by Coluan, Dagon Ax.
Robotic footsteps thud in the distance, judging from the sound and slight rumble, it was something big. From their observations, Lisa and Black Hood look at each other and both say, "Hide!" They get off the streets and into an ally, where they shoot up into the fire escapes with their flight suits. They make high enough on the building to get visual of what was
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Superior Knight by superiornite Superior Knight :iconsuperiornite:superiornite 1 15
Prologue Samurai Jack/DC Universe
St. Roch, Louisiana…
Stonechat Museum, one of the most renowned museums of ancient histories, also the home of veteran hero and reincarnated warrior-king of Egypt, Hawkman. Carter Hall was a man who's seen a lot and experienced many fights and events in all of his lifetimes; a superhero fighting among other modern-day gods, a knight fighting for honor, a gunslinger bringing justice to the wild frontiers, etc. But now, Carter was taking a holiday from the hectic lifestyle of superheroes and sticking to being a curator to his museum.
‘Wonder what Ray is up to? Probably doing one of his crazy ass science experiments. Damn scientist,’ Cartar thought to himself about his close friend.
Closing hour for the museum had finally passed, and all the staff had finally taken off home. There were no security guards. There was no need of any night watch guards when the archaeologist-in-residence was a reincarnated warrior and current superhero wh
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World Cup 2018 Germany v Mexico
I... love... countryballs!!! 
Name one form of media/animation depicting nations and countries... (Hetallia...) *Fires at that abomination with Winchester Rifle* Nada mas!! 

If you can't read what the countryballs are saying, or lost at what's going on; 
It's the World Cup 1st Stage games in Russia. Mexico and Germany are playing today. In anticipation for the country of my heritage and one of the world's best national soccer team, here is my first Countryball comic. 


Mexicoball: "Vamos, Puto!!!" 

Reichtangle, standing on the husk of Germanyball: "Guten Tag." 

USAball: "I want my wall, so don't die, Beaner!"

Russiaball: "There goes Germany being competitive..."

Spainball: "Buena Suerte, Hijo."

Franceball: "Joue bien, Allemagne..." 
Batman Beyond
"I'm not Batman. I don't seek vengeance. I do what's right. I am Batman Beyond!"

Real Name: Terrance Thomas Wayne-Kyle

Superhero Name: Batman Beyond

Family: Bruce Wayne (father)
Selina Kyle (mother)
Lizzie Wayne (sister)
Damian Wayne (half-brother)
Richard Grayson (adopted brother)
Tim Drake (adopted brother)
Jason Todd (adopted brother)

Personality/Behavior: the son of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, Terry prefers taking things at ease while following the steps of his family of the Bat. Which is why Terry at first takes up the title, Black Hood, honoring family members, despite their fall. When the time came to take up the cowl in place of his father, Terry was hesitant but when Bruce told him the importance of the Batman and that as a new face, Terry can go beyond. Terry enjoys the company of his friends and family. Unlike his father, Terry can be a wisecrack with his teammates in the Justice League and during missions. Which tends to lead villains to underestimate the New Dark Knight. 

Powers/Abilities: Indomitable Will, Acrobatics, Martial Arts, Weaponry, Stealth, Marksmanship, Polymath, Eidetic Memory, Multilingualism, Tactical Analysis, Leadership, Escapology, Tracking, Mechanical Aptitude

Items/Weapons: Black Hood/Batman Beyond Suit (Depleted Promethium microweave), Batarangs, grapple gun, Eskrima Sticks
To my old and good friend, darkvslight , and his mlp oc, Light Dragonfire. A mighty unicorn who honed his magic for combat and learned the ancient art of Ki to be a powerful fighter. Light didn't have a good interaction with the Mane Six at first, but after bonding with a certain purple unicorn that turned to an alicorn, Light softened up and became a great protector to Equestria. Light and Twilight would eventually get married and still protect Equestria and helping in the name of friendship. 
Meta Teaching
My fanfic series, "Next Gen" Lore; there has been a massive increase of the superhuman population. That also includes Smallville, the hometown of Clark Kent and Kent Farms. 
Kairos Jonathan Kent Prince El/Superwonder, comes across metahumans as residents to Smallville, and majority of them are law abiding citizens, but he sees potential in a select number of them. Among them, Ruby Belle, Smallville's local seamstress with the ability of psionic construct generation but has only emitted crystal constructs. Superwonder seeing the benefits Smallville would have with having a local superhero team decides to invest in the training and founding of a superhero team. 
Ruby Belle, she has already fancyed the Harbinger of Justice seeing his exploits on the news and interviews, is now being taught by him. Will she be able to charm the Son of Heroes, or will the Son of Heroes shun these charms to maintain a professional relationship. 
Who are the other members of this superhero team for Smallville? 
Does Ruby have any other friends? 
Will there be more art pieces of Next Gen? 

Yes, yes, and yes. 

All in due time. 
Just Friends or More
They're just colleagues... or are they?
Future babies...? Huehuehuehue! 
Superman and Wonder Woman belong to DC Comics. 

More art coming along. 
Oh, DC Comics and Warner Bros. Studios, you have created remarkable things, some with great potential but has bumpy starts and some were just straight up terrible. DC Extended Universe is the bumpy status.

Everyone knows Marvel Studios is making big bucks in the movie industry, and they are enjoyable films for the moviegoers and the comic book fans. It's only natural response for other studios to be cashing in on this cinematic universe method, and who better to take up this method than Marvel's biggest rival; DC Comics.
I will admit, I am a DC over a Marvel, but have nothing against Marvel. I just never have gotten around to reading as much Marvel as I do DC Comics. Those of you who know me know that I am a big Superman fan. After the Nolan Batman franchise was finishing up, and I see the teaser to Man of Steel back in 2012, I had tears in my eyes seeing the Man of Steel return to the big screen. It may not have seemed that long ago, but as the calendar says, it's been six years. Where do I stand with DCEU now with people divided over what they see it?

Man of Steel:
What can I say about it? Love it. I love it. Still a good film, and we get to see Superman in the big screen after the average "Superman: Returns" film that was years before this film's release. We get to see Krypton, we get to see its society in comparison to being just another world with a global society that has its ups and downs and isn't some utopia. Henrey Cavil did his job in being Clark Kent/Superman who is trying to find his place in the world and trying to find out where he came from. You expect someone to be jolly and happy all the time when someone is having an existential process of finding his identity? Is that Superman-like? I say, yay. Superman's origins base of immigrants; this is the case of the refugee, fleeing a danger of his homeland, in this case, the refugee is grown into this new land, migrants growing up in a new land is always bound to have a struggle/compromise of who they are and what they identify themselves as. I was born in the United States in the southern border region, my family are migrants and the region is heavily populated by a Chicano/Tejano/Hispanic culture, but I know that as a US Citizen I am an American, but I cherish my Mexican heritage but I am loyal to the US. Superman seeks out his heritage and fully embraces what he can through the image of his first flight. As for the critics who think Superman wasn't acting like a true superhero because of all the damage in the fights against the Kryptonians, let me put it in this perspective; 
Superman just barely dawned the cape and suit and has barely learned flight along with figuring out where he came from. Clark has been saving lives throughout his travels and his upbringing but has never ever had any experience in handling multiple hostiles that are just as strong as he is and is out for blood. Superman tried the best he could in an unforeseen situation. Plus, the battles were still amazing. Especially the fight against Zod. 
As for the antagonist; Zod was made his premiere in the Richard Donner films of Superman, and he was portrayed as the power-hungry military commander who was motivated only for the sake of power. "Kneel Before Zod." 
Whereas Znyder's Zod, I actually prefer this one. Michael Shannon did a good job too. Looking through history, military commanders that take power, it is easy to pain in black and white, but there are lots of complexities and factors to why such persons did what they did which take the form of debate; Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Franciso Franco, etc. Zod in this film, he wanted to save Krypton. Zod wanted to ensure that Krypton would survive, and in desperate times with uncertainty when total catastrophe would come Zod did what he thought was right in the form of a coup and purge. Questionable and amoral? Of course, but Zod had a reason behind it. Heck, we see his relationship with Zod and Jor-El, they were both on the same terms and agreed that they needed to save Krypton, and Zod expressed remorse that he didn't want to be an enemy to Jor-El but like a utilitarian, he did what he thought was right. With their world now gone, Zod took the remainder of the survivors to find ways to raise up Krypton, and when they find their best option of resurrecting Krypton, they take the chance and get to it. These are soldiers with the objective of ensuring the prosperity of their homeland, and we compare this to the conquistadors landing in the New World, yeah things are not going to be pretty. Not one bit. 
Now another controversial part of the film; Superman killing Zod. 
What is wrong with the people complaining about this? Did they expect Superman to come up with some elaborate plan of taking away Zod's powers? How could Superman be able to carry out such a plan like that? Oh, wait a second... 

... Hold up. Let's see how Znyder's Superman did it. 

Hmm... okay, we have Christopher Reeve's Superman having deceived the three Kryptonians, and he knows that all three of them are powerless. The only threat there is Ursa holding Lois from behind, but we see how she gets out so easily. Now, even knowing that Reeve's Superman still plays along (For some weird sense of humor?), kneeling down and then crushing the hand of the now human-level Zod and then holding him up and tossing him off and letting him fall. Then Superman triumphantly lets Non fall down into the abyss as well and then when it is made clear that the Kryptonians outside of the containment case and then Lois gets out of Ursa's lock and then punches her knocking her off the ledge and fall. What does Superman do? Superman, the All-American Boy Scout who has also been known to save his enemies, and this is Christopher Reeve's Superman, the EVERYONE loves... Oh, Chris Reeve's Superman just watches her fall with a surprised look but then shrugs it off and then hugs the killer. SO VERY SUPERMAN LIKE!!! 
Now let's look at Cavill's Superman; Superman has barely dawned the colors of his uniform for about a day in front of the whole world and is in the fight of his life against a superpowered blood-lusted military general who has already made it clear that he intends to kill every human being one by one. When finally trying to keep Zod in place, and every civilian is trying to get out, Zod sees a family and intends to make due on his promise by killing the humans. Superman does his best in keeping Zod from killing the family and even begs Zod to stop more than once. Three times actually. When Zod makes it clear that he'll never stop and the heat vision is right there nearing that trapped family, what does Superman do in that present moment what he thinks is the best option to save those people in danger? Superman kills Zod in order to save the lives of that family right there, and in turn protecting the human race from this genocidal intent Kryptonian. What happens after? Superman falls to his knees, silent in shock and then screams in remorse at what had just happened, and Lois runs over to console him and he desperately embraces her. But here are some people's reaction to this; THAT ISN'T SUPERMAN!!! SUPERMAN DOESN'T KILL!! 

Double standards much? 

I didn't have a problem with this at all. Mind you, I'm not at all for the 90s Angsty Edge Lord Superheroes who go on and kill every bad guy left and right. Superman is my second favorite fictional character, and I admire his fundamental beliefs and fighting for what he thinks is right and preserving life by any means necessary. However, Superman has made sacrifices in intense situations before. Does that make him a terrible character? No. It shows that he is only 'Human'. Yet despite his shortcomings, Superman tries his best to make right for his wrongs, and keep flying and being the Man of Steel. 

What are your thoughts on Man of Steel? Yay or neigh? Please leave a comment for a healthy discussion. 

So, 'Man of Steel' is still one of my favorite films and was a good start for bringing back Superman... but then... Warner Bros. Studios could not be patient. They couldn't bide time and build up, so instead forced Snyder to just charge right in with an even more divided film continuation to this film franchise. 'Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.'
Coming soon... 


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