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Monty Python And The Holy Grail Cast Meme By Murlo by superiornite Monty Python And The Holy Grail Cast Meme By Murlo :iconsuperiornite:superiornite 0 5 DC Controversy Meme by superiornite DC Controversy Meme :iconsuperiornite:superiornite 7 11
Next Gen Chapter 3 Part 2
Warworld, Throne Arena...
Black Hood, Zach, and R'iva appear via a teleport inside a grand hall where a broken throne stood.
R'iva, noticing that Black Hood and Zachary were with her, praises, "oh thank H'ronmeer, I'm not alone again."
Constantine seeing the differences from last time,"The hell is Superboy?"
"Lisa's not here either," Terry comments out loud.
On the other side of the hall, two Durlans appeared alongside a humanoid in green armor. R'iva, taking a look at their most likely opponents, says, "I know those are Durlans, but I can't tell what species that woman is."
Black Hood activates his detective vision, "Considering she's not snow white but has similar biology to Kasador, I'm gonna assume she's Almaracian. Shall Magic Man and I take on the Durlans?"
"Almaracian's are dangerous telepaths. Yeah, I'll take her," R'iva agrees.
"If you say so, mate," Zach responds, as he conjures two mystical circles of energy around his hands and takes a stance of co
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Next Gen Chapter 3 Part 1
Warworld, Earth City Arena...
In a flash of light from the teleport's energy aura, Lisa and Terry appear in the middle of a street of what resembled a random Earth city.
Lisa looking around the environment they were in, confused asks out loud, "We're… home?"
Black Hood taking a look around observing, then answers, "I doubt it. Mongul wouldn't just dump us here after taking us."
A feminine voice from the intercom was heard by the two teenagers, saying, "assets from the Earth batch, Lisa Luthor and Black Hood, will be facing the colossal monger-class Coluan battle suit, piloted by Coluan, Dagon Ax.
Robotic footsteps thud in the distance, judging from the sound and slight rumble, it was something big. From their observations, Lisa and Black Hood look at each other and both say, "Hide!" They get off the streets and into an ally, where they shoot up into the fire escapes with their flight suits. They make high enough on the building to get visual of what was
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Superior Knight by superiornite Superior Knight :iconsuperiornite:superiornite 0 15
Prologue Samurai Jack/DC Universe
St. Roch, Louisiana…
Stonechat Museum, one of the most renowned museums of ancient histories, also the home of veteran hero and reincarnated warrior-king of Egypt, Hawkman. Carter Hall was a man who's seen a lot and experienced many fights and events in all of his lifetimes; a superhero fighting among other modern-day gods, a knight fighting for honor, a gunslinger bringing justice to the wild frontiers, etc. But now, Carter was taking a holiday from the hectic lifestyle of superheroes and sticking to being a curator to his museum.
‘Wonder what Ray is up to? Probably doing one of his crazy ass science experiments. Damn scientist,’ Cartar thought to himself about his close friend.
Closing hour for the museum had finally passed, and all the staff had finally taken off home. There were no security guards. There was no need of any night watch guards when the archaeologist-in-residence was a reincarnated warrior and current superhero wh
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Next Gen Christmas Special
The Earth's Moon...
The Earth is near yet another rotation around the single yellow star in this stellar system, and on Earth was a season that was celebrated around the world of different cultures. A season that was so popular, the alien worlds that have established healthy communication and trade routes with the Earth have adopted this seasonal holiday. Christmas time is here. Like all other beings in the world, the champions of truth, justice and all that is good and their time spent at this time of the season. Come and see, I the Phantom Stranger will show you the lives of these heroes."
Decades ago, it was just Earth and the blackness, but now there was some space traffic from officiated routes for spacecraft arriving or taking off from Earth. The moon carried other biosphere stations each representing a nation of Earth, while there was a central one representing the United Nations. The Watchtower moon base still triumphed in design and technology. A si
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Khan by superiornite Khan :iconsuperiornite:superiornite 3 122 Kasador by superiornite Kasador :iconsuperiornite:superiornite 1 558 Nightshade by superiornite Nightshade :iconsuperiornite:superiornite 3 32 Astraia (Royal Service Armor) by superiornite Astraia (Royal Service Armor) :iconsuperiornite:superiornite 2 61 Colonel Atom by superiornite Colonel Atom :iconsuperiornite:superiornite 2 13 Shockwave by superiornite Shockwave :iconsuperiornite:superiornite 2 350 Martin by superiornite Martin :iconsuperiornite:superiornite 2 123 Lisa Luthor by superiornite Lisa Luthor :iconsuperiornite:superiornite 2 16 Zachary Constantine Zatara by superiornite Zachary Constantine Zatara :iconsuperiornite:superiornite 2 78


Monty Python And The Holy Grail Cast Meme By Murlo
<da:thumb id="591188933">
King Arthur = Thor; a man of royalty, wielding a weapon of divine power, and stands for righteousness. 

Sir Bedevere = Saitama; Bedevere is said to be smart, but actually an idiot. Saitama is sometimes there and sometimes not. 

Sir Robin = Izuku Midoriya/Deku; Deku still has a long way to go to be a pro-hero and can be a crybaby. Crybaby and cowards are different terms, but close enough. 

Sir Lancelot = Superman; given how some people say Superman destroyed more things than actually saving in 'Man of Steel', so why not. 

Sir Galahad = Son Goku; Goku is celebrated for being pure-hearted. Fits no? 

Black Knight = Frieza; have you seen the damage Frieza took during Namek? Gets cut in half, keeps fighting. Gets blasted, still survives. In a planet explosion, still manages to survive. 

Patsy = Beta Ray Bill; squires/servants subordinate to knights. Beta Ray Bill is a supporting character to Thor. As a bonus, he already looks like a horse, so... *Clapping of halves of coconuts*

Three Headed Giant = King Ghidorah; a three-headed monster. Need I say more? 

Tim the Enchanter = Gandalf; both fancy wizards with massive exposition. 

Killer Rabit = Pinkie HD; this case, killer pony. 

The Black Beast of Aaagh = Godzilla; no explanation needed. 

God = Truth; smart talking depictions of God. 

The Knights who say Ni = Knights of Ren; they're already in black and knights themselves. 

The bridge keeper = Aku; fits? No? Screw you. 

The French = Deadpool, Lobo, Pinkie Pie; Basically every fourth wall breaker that gets the better our heroes with their nonsense. 

Narrator = Shao Kahn; his voice is awesome.  
DC Controversy Meme
Favorite Hero: Superman- since June 1938, Superman has always and will always be the most iconic superhero and a pop culture phenomenon in history. Through different stages and events in the past century, Superman has been able to see the world through and be set an example for heroism. 

Despised Hero: The Monitors- while the first Monitor that appeared in "Crisis on Infinite Earths" actually did something, the Monitors that appeared later on after "Infinite Crisis" did nothing despite declaring how their job of protecting the multiverse was so important. One job these celestial beings had and only three of them actually did their job. 

Favorite Villain: Darkseid- He. Is. The. New. God. This guy loves ruling Apokalips with an ironfist, killing Kryptonians, humiliating gods, and conquering universes, all while trying to mathematically prove that life is meaningless and all should just follow him and make all creation into Darkseid's bidding.  

Despised Villain: Harley Quinn- Good Lord, this girl annoys the hell out of me!! I don't know why she's so freaken popular, and how the hell does some brainwashed psychiatrist in clown makeup with a stupid mallet and baseball bat qualify in being an operative in a government black ops squad?!

Most Overrated: Batman- mind you, I don't hate Batman. I just kind of get a tad bit annoyed that people and DC Comics give him so much attention. I mean come on, there are plenty of other heroes to give the spotlight too. How many comic book titles are there with Batman in the title?!

Most Underrated: Captain Atom- let's see what we got; a dedicated soldier who was framed basically forced to undergo an experiment that would send him decades into the future and be given power over the Quantum Field. Crazy story, huh? Captain Atom has got enough power to go toe to toe with Superman, yet he's swept off to the side for major events. 

Favorite Show: Smallville- yes yes, I know this show has got a lot of fillers. I mean, A LOT of fillers. However, this tv series was the gateway for me to DC Comics and comics in general. It not only showed the power of Superman, but I got to see Clark Kent grow up and shape into Superman. 

Despised Show: Teen Titans Go- I don't need to say anything. People give it attention, and they keep giving it life to live, so long that it's getting its own movie. Damn this show. 

Favorite Couple: Superman/Wonder Woman- even before I read 'Kingdom Come', I couldn't help but be drawn to these two being together. Two powerful beings that are not human or god. Then after 'Kingdom Come' and then finally New 52 making them canon it was a pleasant time. 

Despised Couple: Batman/Wonder Woman- the archrival to the ship. I just don't see these two getting along. Even with their pairing in the DCAU. 

Favorite Movie: Man of Steel- I was super pumped for when this movie was about to come out, and then when I finally saw it, I will be the one half of the internet to say, I was not disappointed. This movie was great. It was great to see Superman flying and doing what he does best in saving the world, after so many years of movies just about Batman.

Despised Movie: Catwoman- this movie was terrible. Plain and simple. 

Warworld, Throne Arena...

Black Hood, Zach, and R'iva appear via a teleport inside a grand hall where a broken throne stood.

R'iva, noticing that Black Hood and Zachary were with her, praises, "oh thank H'ronmeer, I'm not alone again."

Constantine seeing the differences from last time,"The hell is Superboy?"

"Lisa's not here either," Terry comments out loud.

On the other side of the hall, two Durlans appeared alongside a humanoid in green armor. R'iva, taking a look at their most likely opponents, says, "I know those are Durlans, but I can't tell what species that woman is."

Black Hood activates his detective vision, "Considering she's not snow white but has similar biology to Kasador, I'm gonna assume she's Almaracian. Shall Magic Man and I take on the Durlans?"

"Almaracian's are dangerous telepaths. Yeah, I'll take her," R'iva agrees.

"If you say so, mate," Zach responds, as he conjures two mystical circles of energy around his hands and takes a stance of combat. "Let's go!"

The Durlan pair moves forward, as they both begin to shapeshift; one transformed into a squid-like monster with razor-sharp teeth in its jaws, while the other transformed into a bull-like creature with a hardened crest at his head. The transformed Durlans charged forward at surprisingly fast speeds, forcing the three youngsters to evade to the sides.

Meanwhile, the Almaracian had a long-pole halberd, and she rushed toward Zach who had evaded to the side. Fortunately, R'iva intercepted the warrior woman by tackling her. R'iva shapeshifting her arms and legs to wrap around the Almaracian in an attempt to suffocate and force her to pass out. But the Almaracian would not be taken down so easily, she got a visual contact of a portion of R'iva's limbs and unleashed her optic force beams.

"Aaaeeeh!" R'iva screams in pain as the beam hit her, forcing her to let go as she tended to her arm that had been hit.

The Almaracian warrior woman looked at R'iva, saying, "you're fortunate, young one. I don't kill children. So I'll only leave you and your friends beaten." She proceeds to spin her long-pole, activating it to reveal flames at the end and swipes at the Martian. R'iva, unsure if the flaming halberd was activated by psionic powers of the alien woman, split in half avoiding the fiery end of the weapon. The Martian slithered through the ground, passing the Almaracian warrior underneath and coming from behind.

"Will your friends show mercy to mine?" R'iva remained on alert.

"I hardly know those Durlan fools personally, but they aren't so keen on showing mercy. Now stand still," the woman responds, as she wings her weapon once more*

The Martian kept evading every strike from the Almaracian until she finally concentrated her eye-beams and fired knocking the warrior woman back. The woman grunted in pain, but was still in the game and got back up rushing back with her alien speed at the Martian Girl. R'iva maneuvers to the side, but then shapeshifting extra tendrils to grab the Almaracian while she was running forward. Anchoring her feet to the ground, R'iva then pulled one the warrior and kept swinging and swinging until finally throwing her to the wall. R'iva winced hearing the blunt crash of her throw, "Sorry!

Over with the boy's, the mage was firing mystic beams at the Durlans, while Black Hood uses special gauntlets that give a shocking punch to the Durlan he was fighting. The Durlan being fired upon by Zach, shapeshifted into a serpentine creature to easily evade each magical beam.

"Little snake," Zach muttered, as he concentrated his mana to his palm, places his hand on the ground. "Dnuorg nrut ot eci!"

Spreading from Zach's hand, the surface of the ground began to form into ice, making it difficult for the Durlan slither forcing it to change shape into a giant winged insect with razor blades flying up into the air.

"Eci nrut ot retaw dna tsalb pu!" Zach speaks his spell, extends his hand from down to upward towards the flying Durlan. "ezeerf!"

Water shoots up like a waterfall falling up and engulfing the Durlan, as soon as it did the water froze up trapping the Durlan in the block of ice. The Durlan falls from the air, and because Zach was merciful, he extended his hand toward the falling ice block and called out.

"Pots!" Magic light surrounds the frozen Durlan, and Zach carefully places him down. "Done."

As that was going on, Terry battling his Durlan, kept sticking the Durlan that was in the shape of the bull, the shock-gloves electrocuting the shapeshifter. The Durlan growled in pain, so he then changed shape into a gorilla-like brute and using its massive arms to swat Black Hood away. Black Hood grunted as he fell back to the ground, but quickly got back up and leaping up to avoid the incoming Durlan smashing down with its fist. While lunging back in the air, Terry aimed a remote claw back at the Durlan and fired. The claw was fired and latched onto the Durlan, while the second claw attached then took aim and fired off to a high vantage point. Activating, the remote claw pulled the Durlan up slamming into the pillar.

Terry smirks, "got ya."

The Durlan groaned and then pulled itself out, turning around and looked furious. Roaring, the Durlan brute rushed back at Terry, but Terry flung two electro-batarangs that immediately shocked the Durlan, stopping it in its tracks. Electrocuted with high voltage, the Durlan changed back to its original form and fell face flat.

Terry looked and saw that his two friends had also dealt with their own gladiators

Warworld, Arid Plains Arena...

Kairos, Lisa, Martin, and Donnie have teleported into plain grassland with hills all around.

"Hey, where's Terry?" Lisa asks, looking around not seeing her first partner.

"Perhaps Mongul has decided to mix up our teams," Martin gives the explanation.

"Stick together. We don't know who we're facing yet," Kairos commands.

Donnie looks to Kairos, "Really? I thought the plan was to split up so they can pick us off!"

Teleporting in the distance, four Tamaraneans and a Dryad appear. The Tamaraneans and the Dryad at first appeared to be confused at the other species being close up to one another, but after listening to something through their collars, it was made clear the two species would fight together against the four heroes.

"Tamaraneans and Dryad. They-," Martin, unaware that two of his peers were already well knowledgeable about alien species, was interrupted.

"One is Starfire, the other is big and strong," Lisa simply puts.

Martin looked at Lisa, "Somewhat apt."

Kairos assessing the situation, quickly gives the layout, "Martin, with your power ring limited in power, then you're going to need to conserve energy, so stay on the ground. The Tamaranians will be using their flight ability and numbers, so Lisa and I shall take the sky. Lisa, your suit can absorb solar radiation?"

Lisa answers, "I have several generations built in, but I guess I can."

"Tamaraneans are solar batteries, but not at the high degree as Kryptonians. You may be able to drain their energy," Kairos urgently suggested.

"And what about me, "fearless leader"?" Donnie asks with sarcasm at high.

Kairos looked at Donnie with annoyance, "can you fly?"

Donnie quickly replies, "Dude, you know I can't fly- ."

"Then handle the Dryad with Martin!" Kairos interrupts with his voice raised up.

Donnie spooked by Kairos, paused a moment until finally, "well, I'm still faster than you."

"The Sol System Heroes versus the Tamaran Natives and Vorg the Dryad Knight. Let the fight begin!"

The Dryad slammed his fist into the ground and roared, while the Tamaraneans screamed their war cry and flew up.

Kairos looks at his opponents, and with his peripheral vision sees his teammates prepared. The Kryptoamazon draws out the sword he purchased with his points, and shield up on guard, Kairos then roars, "Attack!" With that, Karios makes the first strike, jetting into the air to intercept the Tamaraneans.

Two Tamaraneans were rushed by Kairo ramming into them with his shield as a battering ram. With his sword, Kairos lunges it into the shoulder of a Tamarenean, The warrior screamed in pain, as Kairos then uses freeze breath to cover the Tamarenan's face in ice forcing him to fall to the ground unconscious.

The Dryad stomped his way over with his massive sword at the ready. Martin uses single shot blasts at the Dryad, but the Dryad shrugged off every blast as he then proceeded to sprint toward the Blue Lantern. The youngest Blue Lantern would've flown up into the air to avoid the charging rocky humanoid, but Shockwave comes speeding through swiping Martin out of harm's way. Stopping at a good distance, Donnie drops Martin off and says, "Now YOU stay here. Rock people are too dangerous."

Martin, realizing this was a payback to their last fight, gave a dry response, "Ha. So what are ya going to do?"

"Imma punch him, REALLY hard," Donnie replies.

Martin quickly assumes a technique that was well known to be used by individuals who mastered speed, "Infinite Mass Punch?"

"Like I can do that, yet. Just super sonic really," Donnie finishes and runs further a distance, stopping and readying himself like a sprinter at a track's starting line. And then, Shockwave sprints at the Dryad, striking him and causing a large shock-wave. But little to no avail, the Dryad's durability was superior enough to tank the punch with only a couple of loose 'pebbles' from his face crumbled off. Donnie, then felt sharp drawback pain of his attack, grasping his fist and screams, "Ow!"

The Dryad chuckles, as he raises his sword and to cut down Donnie in half, but Martin yanks Donnie away just in time from being cut down.

"Are you alright?" Martin asks.

Shockwave rubbing his hand, as the Speed Force's healing acceleration was taking effect on his hand, "Yeah, I'll heal. Man, that guy's solid!"

Martin thinks for a second, "Perhaps this will help." Makes a construct around Shockwave's hand.

"And this will help… how?" Shockwave asks, still not catching on.

Martin, not impatient with Donnie's ignorance like Kairos, politely responded, "For a Speedster, you are wasting time."

Shockwave looks at the construct in his hand, and finally realizes, "Right!" Repeats the Super Sonic Punch and this time knocks the Dryad away. And dozens of pieces of the stoney Dryad broke off from the impact.

The Tamaraneans in the air were blasting at Kairos and Lisa. Kairos blocking the blasts aimed at him with the shield, being made up of an alien alloy hard enough to withstand the blasts only at a limited level of power. Kairos closed the distance in quick time using his speed, so he was now close up to a Tamaranean ramming the orange skinned humanoid with the shield.

"Stay with me, Lisa!" Kairos shouted his command to Lisa.

Lisa, struggling to keep up, stopped midair and remained a distance to use her long distance weaponry instead, "You're going too fast!"

While Kairos was overpowering the Tamaranian with his superior strength, the other three aimed their efforts to Lisa. They rushed towards her, and Lisa now had three solar-powered alien warriors to deal with. Lisa blocked an incoming strike with her left arm and fired a pulse blaster from her right hand, but the third grabbed her from behind in a rear neck choke.

The Tamaranian sympathetically said, "I'm sorry, little one, but Warworld doesn't play nice." The alien warrior proceeds in putting pressure on Lisa's throat.

Lisa tries escaping, but the other two Tamaraneans begin raining hell on her from the front. The red-headed girl would surely have been knocked unconscious or worse if she didn't get out. Thankfully, a savior arrived;

A Tamaranian that was in front of her got hit by a flying shield to the head, stunning him until he was hit once again by a swift swinging kick from Kairos attacking behind. The other Tamaranean turned to face Kairos and swung a punch at the young Kryptoamazon, but Kairos used his smaller size to his advantage in evading and ducking. Kairos unleashes a powerful force of air using his super breath, pushing the Tamaranian back to the ground and eventually getting frozen in a block of ice. Kairos drew his short sword and faced the Tamaranean holding Lisa from behind.

The Tamaranean glares at Kairos, grasping Lisa, "stand down or this one parish. Believe me, I don't want to."

Now that Lisa was not being hit, she had the opportunity to trigger her suit to start siphoning the solar energy in the Tamaranian. The Tamaranian began to feel his strength dropping unable to hold the ginger in her power suit. Thus allowing Lisa to break free from the rear naked hold, turning around to face the Tamaranian and then bonking him in the head forcing him to collapse down to the ground below.

Donnie and Martin make their way over to the two, Lisa asks, "You done?"

Martin looks to a panting Donnie, and answers Lisa with a nod, "We're good."

In that moment, they are teleported out in a gleaming light.

Warworld, Intensive Cell...

Donnie falls down in exhaustion, "I had enough. I'm calling it quits."

Kazador who was doing sit-ups, responds, "then you either die or get thrown to the comfort batches. I myself am not into dudes, but I met some bastiches who wouldn't mind taking you, streaker."

Kairos stares at Kazador, not amused with his humor of endangering his teammate, "back off."

Kazador snorts, stopping his sit-ups, stands back up on his two feet seeing Kairos staring back at him, "or what, tough guy?"

R'iva looked at Kazador, sincerity in her eyes, not wanting anymore conflict, says, "please, stop."

Kazador looks at R'iva, and feeling moved, shrugs and sits back, "You freshies gotta get used to this."

"How can you act so chill about this?" Lisa asks Kazador.

"All these years in this damn place, it kind of gets numbing. Plus, I also have a little fun out of it," Kazador nonchalantly answered.

Drones teleported in with lunch and refreshments, and after setting them down the drones were teleported out. Everyone gathered up around the platter to replenish their strength and keep their stomachs full. Kairos, requiring sit-rip, looks to Terry, "I'm assuming your group fought more difficult opponents this round, Terry."

Terry, first looking at what seemed like a flaming egg, responds to Kairos with a simple, "Yeah."

"Then we have to assume the next round's difficulty will be greater," Kairos stated, as he rubbed his chin in thought. Then looking at everyone, "We need to come up with proper strategy and tactics."

"But they changed our group at random. They might do the same next round," Zach pointed out, as he drank a cup of water.

"Then let's be prepared for any possible rosters," Kairos responds, as he then begins mapping out names on the dirt of the floor. "We need to map out each of our strengths and weaknesses."

Donnie looked at Kairos with irritation, "Hold up. Who made you boss?"

Kairos looked at Donnie with a stern look, "someone needs to take lead and control."

"So you assert that someone is you. We are all equals here," Martin declares, allowing his dish, a floating spaghetti monster to float away, only to be caught by Kazador with his bare hands and devours it.

"In times of crisis, the Roman Senate voted one of their consuls to a dictator, granting emergency power, and allowing the temporary dictator to make all the necessary decisions and take actions until the crisis was dealt with. My comrades, who is going to be the Caesar?" Kairos asks after the brief explanation.

"Are you forgetting what happened to Rome?" Martin asks rhetorically, referring to the tyrannical dictatorships and expansionist legacy.

"Becoming the most enduring empire in human history that had also developed the foundation building blocks of Earth's civilization even to this day?" Kairos responded back.

Donnie still not keen on following a hardass like Kairos, gives his suggestions for leadership, "what about Terry or Lisa? They're smart."

Lisa, flattered at Donnie's nomination to her, states, "dad is showing me how to manage the company."

"B-but, we're not in an office or anything like that…," R'iva meekly points out.

Terry decides to weigh in his nomination and says, "dad's been teaching me to be smart in combat. Worked lots of times with Tim, Dick, and Damian."

"You have always been a team player. Not in a lead role," Kairos explains.

"Hey, I still got smart tactics," Terry defensively replied.

Kairos shrugs, "I'm not denying that."

"So between a business girl, an in closet-furry or a warrior prince. I'll go with the warrior prince," Zach gives his vote, and R'iva nods adding, "Kairos."

"Well, what about Martin?" Donnie points to his best friend. "He rolls with the biggest space cops in the universe!"

"Rolling is not leading," Kairos quickly debunks. Looks at Terry and Lisa, "Have anything to weigh in."

"Hmph... Yeah, I guess you'd be the best choice," Terry admitted, while Lisa answers, "Take it away, oh fearless leader."

Kairos smirks inwardly, as he gives a simple nod and says, "back on track, we need to sort out each of our roles; Zach, you're our mystic, so we have to assume there will be other mystical creatures to face, so you take charge on that.

Zach quickly replies, "We're in a giant alien warship the size of a planet floating in space. If I get to see a leprechaun, Then I'll be jolly."

"I like unicorns," R'iva happily says.

"Pfft! People who like unicorns have never met one. They are jerks!" Zach quickly states. Then adding an experience, "One called me big nose."

Donnie shrugs, "Well you do have a decently big nose."

Kairos looks at the rest of his comrades, "R'iva, you're our telepath. Like your dad, you're going to keep us all connected for efficient and secure communication. Martin, you have more knowledge of the alien species, so keep us updated. And stay close to Donnie, conserve your power ring energy."

Lisa, seeing she was being left out so far, assumes what Kairos would suggest for her, says, "If you make me the I.T. girl I'm going to kick you."

Kairos was unmoved by Lisa's threat and replied, "You wouldn't hurt me. Terry, you're my second in command."

Terry nods, content with his position finishes saying, "Well, now that that's through, we need plans for a formation."

Kazador interrupts, "And you mind keeping it down? I'm trying to get some sleep here."

Everyone looks toward Kazador, who is now laying down on the dirt floor.

"Again?" R'iva asks.

Kazador tosses and turns on the dirt ground and replies, "All my points are void. I can't get any entertainment. Hell, they took away my rubber ball."

Kairos looking over at Kazado thinks for a moment, and then decides, "Kazador, why don't you help in our escape?"

Kazador sighs, having had this same talk with other slaves, responds, "Listen, freshies, I've been in Warworld for more than five years. I've done my part in trying to escape, and I'm still here. Don't expect to be bail out of here in less than 48 hours."

The young heroes become weary at this sudden realization, while Martin is the first to speak up, "You mustn't lose hope, brother."

"You take too much hope to raise you up, but when it bursts it is a hard ass fall," Kazador states, sitting back up leaning his back against the wall. "I still want to get out of this place, but you all have gotta bide time."

Kairos reflecting Kazador's suggestions then brings up a proposition, "That's it. You've been here longer, but with us here to give you a hand, we can get out."

"I've made dozens of escape attempts yeah. I could make it out. But's these damn collars," Kazador points at the collar of his neck. "It may not kill me, but still hurt like a mother-fragger."

Hearing Kazador's last statement, Lisa came up with an idea, but she needed to confirm, "So you really cannot die? Like a Czaranian?"

"I've been able to heal the wounds given to me. Stomach gut, heart exploded, impaled from the buttocks up... it hurt like hell...," Kazador cringed at the experiences of fatal injuries he received.

"That's it!" Lisa shouts in excitement, Terry also catching on, quickly says, "Me and Lisa cannot tamper with our collars because we could get killed, but you, you cannot die, and we can see how the collars work and then free ourselves."

Everyone began to nod and anticipate the solution to their escape, while Kazador stared in dumbfound at their suggestion and quickly interjects, "... You want me to be zugini pig? Frag no!"

"Kazador, we can get the collars off," Kairos tries to reason.

"Yeah, but that zhut fragging hurts like bastich!" Kazador growls.

At that moment, R'iva had silently approached Kazador's side, and placed her hand on his arm, causing Kazador to look at back at her. The Almara-Czaranian looks at the Martian girl, whose eyes looked sincere, scared, and begging. R'iva quietly asks, "Please... You'll see your mom again..."

Kazador stuttered and fidgeted, as R'iva kept looking to him and mentioned the only other person who truly loved him in a home where he was unwanted by pompous fools. The young gladiator finally sighs, giving in, "Fine..."

"Alright! Well, be out of here and back home!" Donnie celebrates. Kairos quickly shushing Donnie, "We still need to be ready for any fights to come."

Lisa approaches Kazador, while Kazador walks up to the halfway point going as far that his energized chain would allow him to move. Kazador sits back down on the ground, as he looked anxious and irritated, knowing what he was in for. Lisa walks to the back of Kazador, inspecting the collar;

"Maybe open it through here."

Ejecting a screwdriver mechanism from her suit's finger she pokes a gaping of the collar, and with that Kazador is immediately electrocuted.

"Graah!" Kazador growls in pain body tensed up until collapsing back into the floor dormant.

R'iva, Lisa, Donnie, Zach and Martin lean over Kazador who seemed to be unconscious, or rather;

"Is he dead?" Zach asks.

"Hmm... give me a stick to poke him with," Donnie demands to everyone.

Kazador sturs and groans with a mutter, "I'm not dead..."

R'iva kneels down to Kazador, placing her hands on Kazador's face caressing them, "You're very brave for this. You can do this."

Kazador a bit intruded by R'iva touching him, jerked his face back instinctively, "Yeah, whatever."

Martin senses hope to raise up through each of his teammates, which sparks hope in him too and finally realizing, "Guys, our hope can maintain power in my ring."

Kazador deadpanned response, "Hope isn't making this collar hurt less."

"Well, if you want I can use my light to sooth the pain," Martin suggests.

"Fine, but don't touch me. I hate people being around me," Kazador says.

Kairos sits back down on the ground and began to draw out marks on the ground each indicating each of his fellow young superhero friends. The Kryptoamazon was preparing positions and lineups for any of the further battles to come. For Kairos knew if the last fight was more difficult than the first than surely their next fight would be treacherous. Terry walks up to Kairos, looking at the formation drafts Kairos has prepared.

"Need a hand?" Terry asks.

"Input from you guys would be helpful," Kairos nods to Terry's offer to help, all while Kazador screaming in pain from his collar being tampered with.

"Graaagh! You said you would sooth the pain!" Kazador roars at Martin.

"Sister Lisa started before I could do anything," Martin meekly says. "I apologize fo-"

"Just give me some fragging hope, bastich! This zhut hurts!"

Warworld, Earth City Arena...

In a flash of light from the teleport's energy aura, Lisa and Terry appear in the middle of a street of what resembled a random Earth city.

Lisa looking around the environment they were in, confused asks out loud, "We're… home?"

Black Hood taking a look around observing, then answers, "I doubt it. Mongul wouldn't just dump us here after taking us."

A feminine voice from the intercom was heard by the two teenagers, saying, "assets from the Earth batch, Lisa Luthor and Black Hood, will be facing the colossal monger-class Coluan battle suit, piloted by Coluan, Dagon Ax.

Robotic footsteps thud in the distance, judging from the sound and slight rumble, it was something big. From their observations, Lisa and Black Hood look at each other and both say, "Hide!" They get off the streets and into an ally, where they shoot up into the fire escapes with their flight suits. They make high enough on the building to get visual of what was coming, and then both gawk at a giant robot moving towards their general position.

Black Hood pipes, "We are screwed."

Lisa looks at Black Hood and says, "Why would you say that! Be a man!"

The robot attacks random buildings, trying to flush Lisa and Terry out, but Terry and Lisa remain out of the colossal machine's visual. Black Hood leaned back against a wall, breathing in and closing his eyes, recomposing himself, "Mongul wants us to play, might as well."

Lisa looks toward the robot, observing and then states, "Some weaknesses are universal. Joints are likely the best bet."

"It must weigh several tons, the balance should be key," Terry added.

"I take it you have some explosives?" Lisa asks the Son of Batman.

Black Hood answers, "Just hope your aim is good and your tech better."

Lisa and Black Hood both stand straight and nod, "Break!"

Both leave the building to take the fight to the giant. Lisa flying under the robot's visual to get behind the robot and gives it a big blast to the back of the head with her suit's energy gauntlets. The robot turns around, no sign of significant damage, but it was clear to Lisa; "Now that I have your attention…" Lisa proceeds to fire again, but the giant began to fire its weapons; which included missiles and blasters. Lisa used her smaller size comparison to evade the incoming fire, and her suit's own defenses deflecting any closing homing missiles.

Meanwhile, Black Hood swoops down to street level, where he could see the giant further down the street from where he was, and activating his detective vision to look up and down the robot for specific weak points and potential power sources. "Come on, come on… Gotta be something..."

Lisa, on their communicator, calls out to Terry, "Anytime, Wayne!"

Black Hood finally spots several weak points, "Got it!"

Lisa, now trying to outrun a missile and shoot it down before it her, irritably said, "Well, spell it!" Lisa then mutters, "you freaking furry."

Black Hood ignores the ginger's comment, and replies, "There are coolant lines along the upper torso and a balancing gyro just above the tailbone."

"So you want me to shoot his butt or-?" Lisa stops, as she generates a force field to protect from a powerful energy cannon from the giant.

Black Hood draws out explosive batarangs and throws them to where he found the balancing gyro and sets them off, causing the robot to lose balance. "Take out the coolant line!"

Lisa gains altitude, and then generates a large energy ball with her suit's gauntlets and tosses it at the chest, causing the robot to fall over.

Lisa and Black Hood make it over to the head of the mechanical giant. The Luthor approaches the Wayne and then socks Terry in the arm. "Ow! What was that fo-!"

"For letting me take all the punishment, "Lisa quickly states, as she reaches to the door on the head, and rips it open to reveal the Coluan pilot.

Black Hood looks at the green-skinned pilot, "I'd give up if I were you."

The pilot sneers, as he raises hands.

Lisa smirks, "Good choice."

"And the winners are the Luthor and the Black Hood, by unconditional surrender," the intercom boomed.

Warworld, Saturn City Arena...

R'iva appeared in some collective of buildings, and judging from the architecture, it reminded her a bit of Saturn, from when she visited Saturn with her dad. R'iva looks around seeing that she was on her own; "separated. Oh no… what do I do?"

Stumbling forward from an ally, an alien gladiator was clawing at his head. The gladiator looked at R'iva saying, "'I will not die or lose!'"The gladiator attacks R'iva with a sword, only for it to break on impact. "'Martian scum! You're in my terrain now!'"

The gladiator was speaking as if someone was speaking through him, and judging from the fact he was grasping his head before attacking, R'iva was certainly no stranger when it came to telepathy, and she could tell this gladiator was being mind controlled. So R'iva did the sensible thing, she bonked the alien on the head knocking him out.

R'iva looks down at the unconscious fighter and says, "You'll thank me later. Now I got to fi-."

She feels a sharp pain in her head. The telepath was attacking her mind. The Martian needed to think quickly. Literally, a fast and strong mind means a difficult mind to defeat. "Rrrraah!" R'iva growls, as she successfully drives the mental presence out of her head.

Suddenly, several gladiators appear, each armed with swords, spears, axes, etc. They were also being influenced by the psychic entity that had attacked R'iva.

One swung his sword at the Martian, but R'iva used her Martian strength to knock the gladiator back at the other three. The gladiators were sent flying and crashing into the walls.

Then the psychic entity began to speak in R'iva's mind, 'stand down and surrender. This will be swift.'

Once again, R'iva was struck by a psychic attack, sharp pain piercing into her head, but this time R'iva was more prepared with her psychic defense. This time, R'iva managed to counter with her own psychic attack that should have stunned the attacker. Not only did R'iva strike back, but she figured out where the psychic was. The Martian smiles and huskily says, "I've got you."

R'iva flies up and as she flew up she could see there other gladiators were about to close in on her. Now flying through the air, R'iva safely avoided the gladiators and made her way to the psychic. Flying toward a standing tower and at the top, R'iva saw a humanoid male holding onto an ax. This man was a Titanian, and he stepped back in surprise, "You found me? But you won't win!"

The Titanian unleashes another psychic attack on R'iva, and R'iva fights off the psychic blast as if deflecting it.

The Martian girl then threw an elongated punch at the Titanian, sending the Titanian back and skidding on the ground and knocked out. R'iva sighs in relief, "I did it…" Rubs her head. "Freaken headache…"

With that, she was teleported out.

Warworld, Mountain Arena...

Kairos and Zach appeared in a mountain terrain, the temperature was chilly and the wind was blowing in their faces. Much to Zach's discomfort. " this place the arena? Place'll freeze your ass off."

Kairos was not bothered by the cold, as he kept looking around, "Warworld is large. Not surprising if they had sections made for eco-terrain." Kairos looks up and around. "Now enough of that. We need to be alert."

Zach looks around, folding his arms across his chest and rubbing to keep warm, "who are we fighting?"

Looks around, and down toward the valley, Zach sees movement, "down there!" Points down with his finger for Kairos look toward, and then asked, "what do you see?

Kairos takes a look and using his supervision, sees a platoon of winged warrior men, standing above previously slain Khund gladiators. Superwonder answers, "Thangarians. Armed to the teeth."

The feminine announcer then called out, "the Khundan Slaughter Platoon have been slain. Flawless victory to the Thanagarian Death Horde. Now they fight the Kryptoamazon hybrid and the mage child of Earth."

Down the valley, with the Thanagarians standing over their defeated opponents, the Thanagarian leader, among the platoon looked to his comrades, stepped forth, "Warm up is over, my brothers and sisters. Now we draw the blood of the next fighters. And then it is our reward."

The Thanagarians shout their way cry and take to the sky. The Thanagarians flew up in a cyclone formation. All chanting and preparing for battle.

Zach looking at the Thanagarians, says, "that's a lot of them."

Kairos observing and assessing the situation. Looking at the Thangarians, seeing that they were remaining spread out not acting like sitting ducks, responds, "we're outnumbered, but not outmatched. We have to get them into one area somehow. I'll try and round them up, and you make the attack. Cover my six."

Zach looked at Kairos in confusion, "your wha-?"

Kairos immediately dashes into the sky with a sonic boom and charges into the Thanagarians. Breaking into their formation, but so it seemed, for Kairo fell to their bait.

The winged leader shouts, "Gravity gunner! Fire!"

A Thanagarian, armed with a shoulder-mounted cannon, took aim firing. The gravity beam hit Kairos, and all sudden Kairos felt like his entire body was a massive material. With this new sudden heaviness, Kairos fell from the sky, "Gah!" the Kryptoamazon crashes down, breaking into a mountain below him.

"Oi! Hands off, bird brains," Zach shouted, raising up his right hand and pointing with his index finger with his left hand holding onto his right arm's wrist for mounted precision. Aiming his finger toward the winged warriors, casting an offensive spell and fires a mystic beam at the Thanagarians, but they all come out relatively unharmed.

One Thanagarian smirked, "Easy victory. They send a mage to fight us?"

Zach realized, Thanagarians were prone to arm themselves with Nth Metal, which nullified and protected against magical attacks. The young mage need to improvise, "How about the mountain?" Reaches into his jacket's pocket, pulls out a pair of gloves each with a transmutation circle. Putting them on and then clapping his hands together, harnessing his knowledge of Alchemy, and creating a cannon out of the earth to fire cannonballs at the Thanagarians.

Kairos struggles to get back up, as he feels his personal gravity growing exponentially higher. Gritting his teeth, Kairos growls, "Got to… get back…" He sees Zach holding the lines, but the Thanagarian were closing in on the magician. So Kairo concentrated heat collecting in his eyes, causing his eyes to glow bright red.

Zach sees Kairos charging up his attack, 'Gotta keep the Thanagarians in one place.' Then Zach then concentrated his mana to an elemental spell, conjuring the wind. The mage raises up his hand, toward the Thanagarians, then using the Zatara family magic passed down generation for efficiency, utters out in words, "Sdniw dna ria, grinrb eht snairaganaht ot eno aera ni eht yks!"

At Zach's command, the winds and the air began to push against the Thanagarians. The winged warriors tried their best to push against the force of the wind, but the gust pushed and pulled them into one clustered place in the sky. Kairos, seeing Zach improvising for the attack, finally unleashes a blast of heat vision from his eyes. The red blast made the impact, and the Thanagarians were all sent flying back up and falling down crashing. If not for their Nth metal armor, the winged warriors would have been burned up.

Zach climbed down to where Kairos had been shot down, "Nice shot, Wonder Boy. Good improvising on the both of us."

Kairos picked himself up, but he was still being affected by the gravity increase. The Kryptoamazon grunted, "victory… assured…" But then, Kairos heard a crumbling and cracking sound, so looking down at his feet saw the cracking ground. Before he could react, the ground breaks into a sinkhole with Kairos falling in.

"Whoa, there!" Zachary raises his hand toward the sinkhole Kairos fell into and said, "Pots gniknis, xif ytivarg!"

With that, Kairos' personal gravity was restored, and Zach helps Kairo up, but Zach gets a little lightheaded causing him to stumble back a bit and rub his temple.

Kairos noticing this, "are you okay?"

Zach shakes his head to get his senses back, "lightheaded. Used my mana too fast there."

Warworld, Odym Arena...

Martin and Donnie appear on what appears to be a lush and bountiful planet filled with natural wilderness and bountiful beauty. Martin recognized the environment to be a spitting image of; "Odym?"

Shockwave looking around, asks, "So this is your club planet?"

The Blue Lantern nods, "Yes… though you can't feel the energy of the world."

Shockwave raises an eyebrow, "Uh-huh… So, what do you think 'tall, dark and scary' has up his sleeves."

Martin, still looking around the horizon, "I don't-." Until suddenly seeing something in the distance, "No!"

The speedster looked to his friend, "Dude, your inflections are concerning."

Martin lights up his ring, with a blue light aura surrounding him, "Donnie, get ready!"

"What? Why?" Donnie asks in confusion.

Blue Lantern points out several oncoming opponents, "Manhunters."

Sure enough, in the distance, there were seven of the former peacemakers to the universe before the Green Lantern Corps, the androids known as the Manhunters, repeating their slogan, "No man escapes the Manhunters! No man escapes the Manhunters! No man escapes the Manhunters!"

The Manhunters shoot forward with their flight from the boosters on their feet and proceeds to fire upon Donnie and Martin.

Shockwave easily dodges, "So, what are we dealing with?"

Blue Lantern does everything he can to dodge and block the Manhunters, but tries to explain, "Manhunters, precursors to the Green Lanterns." Being distracted trying to explain, Martin gets shot down, but Donnie manages to catch him before he crashed. Martin rubbed his head from getting banged up, "Tougher than Mogo makes them out to be…"

Shockwave carries Martin over to a crevasse away from the Manhunters. "So, what's the plan?"

"You stay here. Manhunters are too dangerous," Martin says, as he then places Shockwave in a box construct.

Shockwave instinctively bangs on the wall to get out, shouting out, "Dude, what the heck! I can handle myself!"

Blue Lantern, concerned for his friend's safety, explains, "Manhunters are different, brother. I don't want you to get hurt." With that, Martin flies off to fight the Manhunters.

Shockwave concentrates, putting his hands to the construct he was in, vibrating his molecules and with some strain but managing to phase through the box. "Seriously, does he not know who I am?" Runs off to find Martin.

Blue Lantern had made contact with the Manhunters, trying to take them on, and was not doing that well. Martin attempts to blast at a Manhunter, but the Manhunter fires it's own energy blast to deflect the incoming attack, while another fire at Martin knocking him to the side and another Manhunter slamming him down.

Shockwave sees Martin in trouble, "Right… how am I gonna do this… Thunderbolt!" Shockwave runs in a circle formation to charge a thunderbolt.

On Manhunter eases up his attack as Donnie is attracting his attention, but is hit by a lightning bolt fired by Donnie. The lightning singed the armor of the Manhunter, but the Manhunter showed no sign of severe damage.

Shockwave noticing this curses, "Dang, gotta make something better than that."

Blue Lantern raised a bubble shield to protect himself from a barrage of attacks, sees what's going on, "Donnie, what are you doing!?"

Shockwave replies, "Helping you, man."

"No man escapes the Manhunters!" Three Manhunters land to deal with Donnie.

"We'll see about that," Shockwave harnessing the Speed Force, uses the Speed Mirage to confuse the Manhunters.

"Error. Cannot differentiate."

Blue Lantern notice this, as he's fighting fewer Manhunters, calls out, "Donnie, speed it up! Get wild!"

Shockwave grins, "Don't need to ask me twice!" Keeps at it and spreads the Speed Mirage over a large area."

Manhunters facing Donnie speak in unison, "Error. E-error."

Blue Lantern finally with fewer Manhunters to deal with, using constructs to deal with the Manhunter efficiently. He destroys one with a concentrated blast to the chest and creates a construct of a hammer to whack two other Manhunters. One left, Martin creates a katana samurai sword to slice the Manhunter's head off.

Over with Donnie, with the Manhunters confused, keeps throwing more lightning bolts at each of them, but the Manhunters still remained standing. That was until Martin finally arrived and disposed of them with his own energy attacks. As the last Manhunter blew up;
"Booyah!" Shockwave cheers and does a victory dance.

As Donnie was rejoicing, Martin picks up a Manhunter head and scans it.

Shockwave asks, "Did ya see that dude I rocked it with my-!"

The Blue Lantern interjects by saying, "Uncontrollable impulsiveness."

Shockwave asks in confusion, "Blue dude say what now?"

"You were moving so fast that your emotions were confusing the targeting of the Manhunters," Martin explains and shows a hologram of what the Manhunters were seeing.

"…I'm still awesome," Donnie states.

"Sure you are."

Warworld, Intensive Cell...

Everyone was teleported back into their dungeon, everyone looked around to see that all their friends and comrades were accounted for. The speedster being the first to express his joy by saying, "Hey guys! I came, I saw, I blitzed butt!"

R'iva cautiously looked around, and asked, "none of you… killed?"

Kairos looked at the Martian seeing her anxiety, quickly answering with reassurance, "the Thanagarians' armor protected them from my blast. They were fine."

Constantine added with some humor, "If anything, they were a little crispy."

"The green alien surrendered after we broke his toy," Terry informed.

Martin then added his report, "and we battled Manhunters, Sister R'iva. Though, I think I'm down to 89%."

R'iva sighed, "oh. That's good."

Kazador, who was still in his same spot, only laying back on the ground, sits upright, and says, "tsk. If you had killed them, then you would have gotten some more points."

Lisa rose her eyebrow, "points?"

Kazador walked over to a panel that was at the half line of the dungeon's wall, placed his hand to what looked like a scanner, and a hologram lit up at the center of the room. It showed Kazador's profile and a set of numbers at the side saying; 10,000 points.

Kazador goes on to explain, "You knocked your guys out, so it is 500. Flawless victory, 500. Taking on multiple opponents, 10 for each head."

Shockwave points out, "We did take out seven Manhunters."

Lisa asks, "Mostly from impulsive stupidity?"

Shockwave and Martin both reply at the same time, "Yes/No." The Speedster and Lantern look at each other.

R'iva sees Kazador's credit points, seeing right beneath them labeled, void. R'iva asks, "Why are your points void?"

Kazador looks to everyone, and with a deadpan expression and sarcastically says, "I accidentally ripped a guard's throat out with my teeth."

The reactions were, in general, made up of; weariness, distrust, and pity. Kairos remained stoic for the most part, but he remained alert, seeing how Kazador has already shown hostile demeanor to them before. Terry glared at Kazador, hearing what he had done, but there was some understanding; Kazador could've just been trying to get out and this was a terrible environment that shaped him to be violent. Lisa, Zach, and Donnie both showed weariness, all intimidated by the alien hybrid. Then Martin and R'iva, both showing eyes of compassion, knowing that Kazador wasn't here at his own leisure and was forced into this lifestyle. Kazador finally softened his stare, and shook off the staring and said, "You all want to see how much points you got?" Kazador asks, so he takes a step back, and gestures to the panel. "Take a look for yourself."

Donnie, slowly stepping up and looking at Kazador cautiously, but then finally walking over to the panel, while the others waited their turn. Kairos looked to Kazador and asked, "what could we get from these points?"

Kazador answered, "You got options. You could get yourself a comfy chair, your world's food, anything on Warworld's catalog given to the gladiators."

Lisa, keeping her thoughts on her suit, "I'd just kill for some decent tools, my suit needs repairs because I was used for target practice!" Lisa walks over to the panel, pushes Donnie aside,

"Hey!" Donnie grunts, having been pushed to the floor.

Lisa ignores, as she searches and a menu appears before Lisa and a selection of tools appear. "Wow, these can work."

Martin sees the options of tools available, "What about a Blue Lantern Power Battery? "

Lisa checks on behalf of Martin but finds nothing. Martin frowns, saying, "I thought so…"

Donnie looked at Martin, "Dude, isn't that bad?"

Martin sighed and answered, "Can't recharge… I will have to conserve power." Martin then recomposes himself, remembering hope burns bright in the darkest night. Martin then walks up to the panel, places his hand on the scanner, and a hologram appears to him. "I would at least settle for a glazed mungtor." The hologram screen pops out food and meal options, the Lantern selects the spider/crab-like creature and it pops in via teleport. Martin rips off one of the legs and starts eating, but stops when he gets odd looks and smiles,"You all know I have the most exotic tastes."

Donnie gags at the dish his friend was eating, and while Lisa immediately turns away revolted as well and searches through the tools needed to help her repair her suit.

Kairos thought for a moment, as he stepped forth to the panel and places his hand for his own browser search.

A menu appears before Kairos and then scrolls into the weapons section where it showed different weapons ranging from swords, guns, and ammo. Kairos pressed on a shield made of different assorted alien metal alloys and grabbed the hologram projection as if it were real. Kairos nods and purchases the shield, and it immediately teleports into his hands. "Efficient."

Kairos keeps searching for offensive weapons. Swiping through the different options, as he seeing the size and practical use of them through the hologram projections. He eventually came across a red and black scythe that looked like it was fused into a firearm. R'iva looking over comments, "I like the color."

Kairos, however, wasn't pleased with the scythe, as he simply states it to be, "farming tool."

Swipes the scythe, and next came to a giant metal sword, thick blade and long handle. It was too big to be carried by a normal man, and the fact that it was called a sword was ridiculous, making Kairos declaring it, "giant metal paddle."

Swipes it off, and then came what Kairos could make out to be a giant key that is somehow supposed to make a weapon. "What the hell is this?!"

Swipes again and sees a gigantic sword with a peculiar design of an of a blade in a strange design; jagged all around, massive and a design that looked like it was copy and pasted from a hot topic design poster. " Is this supposed to be a sword? What is this?!"

Lisa chuckles, "like a girl trying out pretty dresses."

Kairos gave not attention to Lisa, still looking through the ridiculously designed weapons, trying his best to look for practical and actual weapons, Not weapons that would be found in video games or anime. Kazador, going back to this spot and laying back down, simply says, "Go to the search tab and cross out the cheap weapons."

Kairos looked to Kazador, and then considered his steps. Following the steps, sure enough, he found the proper weapons he was seeking. "Much obliged."

"She's still right. Can I get a decent bite?" Zach comments, and gets up. Goes to the scanner, places his hand upon it, and a menu appears with food. "Finally." Picks the burger. "With extra cheese, just the way I like it."

Kairos sees everyone else rushing over to check the market, and quickly says, "Conserve points. Only those that are needed and required."

"A burger is needed," Zach responds, as his meal is teleported in. Taking a bite, and trying out the taste of it. After swallowing, "Aw, man. I forgot jalapeno."

"Kazador, will we be fighting again, soon?" Kairos asks the experienced gladiator.

"Maybe yes, maybe no," Kazador answers, picking his head up to look at Kairos. "The bastiches like to keep it at random. Picking and choosing when fights go about." With that, Kazador drops his head back down.

Green Lantern Outpost, Sector 2814...

In the floating green outpost, in the form of a lantern, Honor Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, sits in a levitating chair with screens and holograms surrounding him, rubbing his temple, listening to the updated reports from the Lantern Corps on the search for his son, and all the children that were taken.

"Sector 1553 reporting in. No sign of the missing Lantern."

"Sector 1554 reporting in. No sign of the missing Lantern."

Sector 1555 reporting in. No sign of the missing Lantern."

"Sector 1556 reporting in. No sign of the missing Lantern."

Carol Ferris, Star Sapphire Sector 2814, floats over in her light aura, "Still no luck?"

Hal lowers his hand from his face, and looks blankly in deep frustration, "it's been nearly twenty-four hours. Every sector has reported at least five times and no one can find Martin!" Hal punches his fist through a wall, his ring's defenses protecting him from being harmed.

Carol moves in quickly to her husband, resting her hands on his shoulders to comfort him, "Hal, keep calm. There are over thirty-eight thousand Lanterns on the lookout for Martin and the others."

Hal sighs, "Just got to keep looking harder. What has freaken Sinestro said about this?"

"He's ordered his soldiers to be on the lookout, as per our arrangement," Carol informs.

Sol System, Earth, Las Vegas...

In Las Vegas, is a city notorious for gambling, it has also become a place of gambling and brokering for even the supernatural. From the Depths of Hell, the trio of demonic brothers known as, the Demons Three, enter a large room with dusty furniture and no lights on.

The one called Rath says out loud, "Not like Faust to ask for a game of cards."

"Yeah, always thought he was more of a checkers old ghoul," Ghast concurs.

The third brother, Abnegazar, stops, "Brothers, wait." Takes a sniff with his nose, "I smell something."

Up from above, the ferocious demon on the side of righteousness, Etrigan, jumps down at the Demons Three. Just as the Demons Three could stand ready to take on the attacking devil, they didn't realize that they had stepped onto a mystical circle. In the shadows, John Constantine raises his hand up and lights up an energy construct of the same mystical circle, which triggers the circle the Demons Three were standing on. With that, the circle was a stasis spell, causing the Demons Three to remain still, leaving them to be smashed down by the Demon Etrigan who kept tearing into them.

"Gah! What the hell, Etrigan?!" Ghast, while having his intestines removed, was still able to speak. Living in Hell makes one tolerant of pain, but it didn't mean it was welcomed.

Etrigan growls, "Demons Three, lowest scum of hell. You have secrets to us you should tell."

Abnegazar, his right arm being ripped off, laying on the floor still unable to move, "Secrets? Us? What are you talking about?!"

"We'll make it simple," Constantine walks out of the shadows with Zatanna. "You three bloody cockroaches seem to know a lot. If you know what scumbag has our boy. Play nice, and I'll let Etrigan tear into you."

"You think that will get us to talk?" Rath, his eyes having been gouged out, asks annoyingly.

Constantine calmly replies, "Ya don't, and I'll let Zee go a few rounds on yer balls. You know what they say about hell and a woman scorned. Do you want that?"

Zatanna gives a death glare toward the demons, currently not giving a damn about hero morals, for this was for her son's safety and rescue.

Abnegazar quickly replies, "We don't know!"

Ghast answers along, "We swear!"

Rath, only needing to hear Constantine's warning, also adds, "Please don't hurt our nuggets!"

Constantine frowns, knowing that these demons didn't know anything and replies, "Alright… Etrigan?"

Etrigan proceeds with tearing up The Demons Three in a quick manner and finishing up with scorching their bodies.

"More than a day and we still can't find him," Constantine sighs solemnly.

Zatanna, seeing the father of her son, broken from not being able to find answers, takes up to encourage him as he has done the same for her, "There are still more places to look, John." The sorceress pulls out a wand and conjures up a portal and they take off through it.


On Themyscira, in the Temple of Olympus, where the priests and priestess were undergoing a ritual to get in contact with the Gods. Wonder Woman stood with her husband, overseeing the ritual. Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons and King Achilles of the Gargareans approached them.

Achilles asks, "the ritual is almost complete?"

"It is," Diana answers, having not moved when the ritual began.

"Are you sure the Gods will answer us?" Superman having had experience with the gods, were not so keen on giving free handouts so easily.

"Only one way of finding out," Diana replies.

The ritual was complete, and shining down from the sky in light, Athena, Hermes, and Apollo appeared.

The messenger of the Olympians is the first speaker, "you call the gods?"

"Speak your reason," Apollo demands.

The Amazons and Gargareans all bow down in the presence of the gods. Even Superman take a knee in respect of their ritual and appeasement for them to help in finding the children.

Diana, bowing down, speaks, "My matriarch Athena, Messenger of the Gods, and the Sun. I call to Olympus in time of distress. My first born has been taken, along with other children of the Earth's heroes."

Athena compassionately says, "I am sorry for the trouble you go through, Princess Diana." Closes her eyes in concentration and assessing the situation, "Seeking your child, even the sight of the gods is shrouded."

Hippolyta shocked that even the gods couldn't find her grandchild, "How can this be?"

Apollo answers, "I sense the mechanism behind this veil of darkness holding these mortal children to be godly as well"

Superman, familiar with the list of suspects they had, Apokalips being one of them, fearfully asked, "T-then could it be the New Gods?"

Athena reassured, "No. Only the tools keeping them hidden. But fear not, I will not stop searching for your child?"

Apollo, on the other hand, was not so compassionate, and plainly states, "do not count on Zeus taking part in the search. Your missing child did declare his apostasy against us all."

Diana sighs, the gods were haughty and humiliated at Kairos' rejection of not following them, and they express their bitterness at this time. "Lady Athena, I am grateful for your help."

Athena nods benevolently, Apollo haughtily turns back around and disappears into the sunlight, while Hermes gives a quick reminder, "I will speak on behalf of you to Zeus and the other gods, Princess." And with that, the gods take off back to the Skylands.

Hippolyta places her hand on her daughter's shoulder, knowing that Diana would be upset that even the gods couldn't find Kairos. While Superman reaches and holds onto Diana's hand, and Diana accepting her husband's motion for emotional support.

"We're going to find him, Diana," Kal tells Diana.


Passing through multiple locations in a single second, even though the super enhanced vision of a metahuman and advanced technology could only detect three red streaks running through faster than the speed of light. Running ahead of the red streaks, a single yellow streak. The three Flashes were speeding after Hunter Zolomon.

Before this chase started, Barry had to first track down Zolomon's movements and next stopping location. Meeting up with his brother-in-law and niece, Wally West and Iri West.

"Are you sure it had to be Zolomon, Barry?" Wally asks.

"It can't be Thawne, we would've felt the Negative Speed Force if it was," Barry explains. "Hunter is the only one that could take Donnie by surprise." Barry looks toward the young redheaded woman, Iri West, aka Impulse, stood ready, Barry says, "Iri, you don't have to do this."

The girl intervenes saying, "Barry, Donnie is like a little brother to me. No way am I going to stand aside." Iri mutters, recalling her own absent brother, who was off slacking off even in this time of crisis. "Not like some people."

Wally states, "Then we gotta find Donnie before she gets to you."

"You don't have to be here either, Wally," Barry tells Wally.

"What are you talking about? Barry, Donnie's my cousin. If Jay won't stop, what makes you think I will?" Wally responds.

Barry smiles appreciating the aid from his family, and says, "Well, boys. Let's run."

And with that, their chase had begun after that. Hunter Zolomon noticed the speedsters were onto him and made a run for it before they could catch him. Running across the globe multiple times trying to give them a slip. Not allowing the yellow speedster, Wally runs outflanking Zolomon forcing the yellow speedster one direction. Iri, charging up a lightning bolt and flinging it at Zolomon to shock him who was distracted by Wally. Then Barry comes kicking down Zolomon down to the ground.

Wally quickly puts on the restraints with needles onto them entrapping Zolomon from accessing his time manipulation ability to allow him to speed. Wally, being the optimist, gave a smirk and said, "Woo! Stopped in Thailand, guess I owe Harry five bucks." Wally looks to his daughter, who was breathing exhaustively. "You alright, Iri?"

"Give me a minute. Never ran so fast for long distance and adding the lightning bolt," Iri gives a thumbs up, as she places her hands on her knees to catch a breath.

Barry replies, "a minute is all we need." Gabs Zoom by the shirt at the collarbone section, and demands, "Where's Donnie, Hunter."

"Ihavenoidea, Flash. WhythehellwouldIgoafteryourbrat?" Zoom's distorted talking still in effect from his exposure of his powers affecting his talking.

"Don't play games!" Barry growled.

"Iwasn'tinCentralCityfordaysnow. What'sleftoftheSocietyhasmerunningerrandssoIcanretainmypower!" Zoom explains.

Harry Wells, over intercoms, observing the breathing pattern and talking through Barry's suit, gives his report, "He may be telling the truth."

"You actually understood that?" Wally asks.

"There has been pressure disturbances in several locations including speed heists across the country… including at the time of Donnie's kidnapping," Harrison gives the alibi.

All speedsters sigh in frustration.

"Better take him to Iron Heights. Lying or telling the truth, best not let him run free," Harry gives his opinion.

"Thanks, Harry," Barry replies, as he picks up Zoom. "Jail time."

All three run back to Central City.

Earth's Orbit, Watchtower...

Batman stood at the Monitor Bridge, with several hologram boards serving as the display of any new information gathered. Calling out to Victor Stone who was also accompanying him, "Cyborg, have you gotten in contact with Mister Miracle?"

"Sorry, Batman, but he's gone into an uncharted Earth," Cyborg answered. "That's all the New Genesis contacts will tell me."

Up from the Monitor Bridge, they could see the teleport pad lighting up, and they saw Lex Luthor materialize. Luthor looks up toward the Monitor Bridge, stepping onto a hover pad, levitating straight up to the Bat and Cyborg, and reports in, "I called in every chip I have! I paid Deathstroke a mint, I threatened Toyman's little trinkets and I was in a three-hour conversation with Bizarro. I have… nothing! Please tell me you have SOMETHING, Wayne?"

Batman, a lot composed than fellow genius human, answers, "from what Diana and Kal have given, the kids are being hidden by some form of godly technology. Our top suspects have included Apokolips. Either they're the true suspects or they're connected in providing the technology."

"Can't be Intergang. They may have the tech, but not the balls," Luthor states.

Cyborg then asks, "so do we gather strike team to head to Apokolips? Too risky, but these are your kids."

"Darkseid isn't this small a thinker. Only seven children? Why not a truckload?" Lex crosses out Darkseid.

"The sooner we get in touch with Mister Miracle, the sooner we get answers. Until then, let's try and check out the other suspects," Batman gives the sit-rip.

Lex, confused with the status of Mister Miracle, asks, "Doesn't he live on Earth?"

Cyborg quickly asks, "he does, but right now he and his wife are off-world, and I haven't been able to get in touch with them."

Lex growled, "typical. What is everyone else doing?"

"Superman has headed to his Fortress to look for any other leads. Hal is coordinating the Lanterns. J'onn is investigating any possible suspects from Saturn," Batman answers.

"And Speedy is running around after other breakers of temporal physics?" Lex asks about the status of the speedster.

Batman then adds, "ARGUS, The Justice Society, Titans, and other agencies are helping out however they can as well. We're going to find them."

In the Watchtower's Saferoom, using the technology of both Kryptonian, Amazonian, Martian, LexCorp, Wayne Enterprise, and other highly advanced providers in the areas of science and magic, protected those inside from even any sort of teleport and attack. Arguably the most secure place in the entire Sol System.

Dawn plays patty cake with Lara, making her miss at the end. Lara pouted, "Hey, no fair!"

Dawn smiles, "Wanna go again?"

Logan, who was sitting nearby, still in his usual sickly state, gives a pleasant smile watching the two girls play, "You're really good with kids, Dawn."

Dawn closes her eyes recalling beforehand, "With a brother like mine, you'd be too."

While these children were keeping themselves entertained, a green-skinned teenage boy in a blue long jacket, dark pants and short and trimmed black hair, the Kryptonian/Martian hybrid, son of Kon-El and M'Gann M"Orraz, K'iran sat floating with his fingers to his head, as his eyes closed in concentration.

Lizzie, with a little toy in her hand, walks over in curiosity, "watcha doin?"

Shh," K'Iran replies, trying to concentrate. "I'm trying to find the others."

Lizzie simply says, "Like you could if your mom couldn't?"

K'Iran growls in frustration and stands up, "Well I can't just stand here! I need to help somehow, not sit here and play games!"

Dawn frowns, standing up as well to face the half-breed, "K'iran, I want to find my brother just like you want to find your cousins. But our parents want to keep us safe."

"It's best to do as they say," Logan meekly adds.

"We're supposed to be superheroes, no? We should be ready to face danger," K'iran states. "My family and friends are missing, this is a mystery I should help take part in solving."

Logan stands up, "K'iran, settle down."

"You can sit here. I am going," K'iran says, as he walks to the door. The safe room was meant to keep people out, but keeping them in was a different thing.

"K'iran, wait!" Dawn speeds over, grabbing K'iran by his dark blue coat. K'iran stops without turning around saying, "Do not tug on my jacket."

Logan walks over raising his hand up toward K'iran, "settle down. Please."

K'iran finally turned around in annoyance, looking at Dawn and Logan, who both gesture to the younger ones, Lizzie and Lara, both now showing clear anxiety with K'iran trying to leave. The Kryptonian/Martian finally calming down, sighs, "Fine." K'iran sits down upset.

Lara approaches the Krypto-Martian, knowing K'iran's honesty, asks, "K'iran, is my brother going to be found?"

K'iran tussles Lara's hair, "Sure, cousin. Kairos has got the brains and brawn to get out of anything. R'iva... I'm sure Kairos will look out for her."

Warworld, Presidential Suite...

The CEO of Warworld and it's intergalactic black market, Mongul, sat on his levitating chair from his brothel harem. As he exited, Mongul saw Vroc Drol stood on his hovering board with holograms of screens around him allowing him to monitor the events and numbers of currency and stocks Warworld was stacking up. The Debstamian looked the Coluan, "What have I missed?"

"The Earthling Batch were victorious in their fights. One of them I had to place in a 'free for all' battle stage, there was an uneven number," Vroc answered.

Mongul pressed on the remote console on his chair, showing the holographic screens each showing the fights the teenage heroes of Earth had fought in; "Hmm. These were fodder level they fought against."

"Quite, sir. There have been early bids for each of them, but only by those who have a reckoning with the parents of these youth," the Coluan explained.

"Not enough to make a decent bidding war as they should. That was just the first fight. For their next fight, keep them in two groups. Perhaps entice potential bidders to petition to buy them in a group, or to show team cooperation for any army recruiters," Mongul said.

"Of course, Lord Mongul," Vroc replied, and asks "Lord Mongul, you wish to meet the ones placing their bids?"

"Yes," Mongul answers, as they enter the presidential booth that gave them eyes over the Main Event Arena, where he would have access to the intercom and watch from there. The main event was just about to start. Two screens showing the combatants; a platoon of humanoids resembling humans of Earth in white armor arming themselves with blasters, and on the other screen, a pack of Xenomorphs wrangled up and contained in a cage.

The Daxamite commander subordinate to Mongul, named Tund-Ra, approaches Mongul, "Lord Mongul, the bidders for the Sol System youth are as follows; The Reach Negotiator, devil dealer on behalf of Neron, Roj-Er of Saturn's Shard Triad, Queen Sareena of Kalanor, Lieutenant-Colonel Hoch-Vin of Black Zero Regiment-."

"Black Zero? This man Kryptonian?" Mongul asked in curiosity.

"Could be from that Kryptonian group of refugees that arrived on Daxam before I left home," Tund-Ra aloofly answered. He returned to reading out the list of bidders, "Queen Blackfire of the Tamaranians. And er... Granny Goodness of Apokalips. She refuses to pay her fee of the entrance."

"Hurgh... of all the dark lords and devils I make business with... Darkseid terrifies me the most," Mongul growls, as he waves off the news concerning Granny Goodness. "Leave her be. Whenever she does arrive at Warworld, she always buys a hefty package."

"Yes, Lord Mongul."

"Oh, and prepare another round for the little bastards from Earth," Mongul commands.

Superior Knight
Surprise surprise, to anyone, besides darkvsknight346, I am a brony. Have been for quite some time. Now maybe a little late, but decided to finally make my own MLP OC. 

Name: Superior Knight
Species: Earth Pony
Occupation: Knight 
Cutie Mark: Hospitalier Knights Symbol
Powers/Skills: An battle trained earth pony; enhanced conditioning (Super strength, super durability, super leap, enhanced speed, enhanced reflexes), sword fighting, hand-to-hand combatant, tactician
Origin: Born in the outer rims of Equestria bordering unfriendly species and nations, Superior Knight was born into the militaristic lifestyle of a knight. A devout believer in "Faust" and strict practitioner of the Code of Chivalry, Superior Knight has known nothing but serving and protecting others from dangers. But now, the fighting is over, and Knight has nothing left to do but to seek a new living and make it work in Ponyville. 
  • Reading: The First Crusade
  • Watching: Nacho Libre
Lord be with me and all others! Blessed be the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Spring Semester 2018 my foot. It has become one of the coldest days in South Texas! Schools are closed for the day tomorrow, which is good for my mom and brother giving them both an extra break from teaching. As for me, starting out with interesting courses, all history; Texas History, Medieval Europe, History of Spain, Mexican-American History, and the Chicano Movement. 

And now to look on the bright side of life

I finally have wi-fi here where I live, so there's to be more active on my part. After years of being distant from people and isolated, the Lord has opened the eyes of my heart seeing that I need community and fellowship in my walk in life. While balancing my responsibilities, I shall be updating y stories and posting journals regularly. Give a few things like these memes a shot too, though could use some pointers on how to make them.

Lord be with you all. 


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Glory be to the Lord God in the name of Jesus Christ. I was born in South Texas, bordering next to Mexico. Grandson of Mexican migrant workers apart from the Bracero Program during World War II. I have devoted love to history in areas all around.


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