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Son of Heroes: Future Ch.3
Chapter 3: Injustice vs Tyranny
World of the Lords of Destruction…
It was a world where the lower part was the shape similar to a square pyramid flipped upside-down, and the top is made of a giant thick dead tree with a number of buildings on it. This was the home to Lord Beerus, the God of Destruction.
Appearing, via Instantaneous Movement, were the Eastern Supreme Kai and his companion, Kibito, on the edge of the uniquely shaped world. The Supreme Kai had a task to complete, and that was to request Lord Beerus' and his teacher, Whis' aid in stopping the crisis that was spread out in the universe.
"Let's hurry it up. The sooner we can convince Whis and Beerus to help us, then the sooner we will fix this universe," Kibito suggested.
"Hmm," Supreme Kai replied, but he began to think.
All this reality was threatened by the chaos and conflict rising due to the influence of multiple beings and powers of another universe. What was making Supreme Kai bother in the back of his mind was;
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Son of Heroes: second saga ch.6
Chapter 6
West City…
Marching and roaming through the streets of the metropolis housing the Capsule Corporation, there was military movement spreading throughout the city securing every vital location of the city. Armored vehicles roaring with their heavy engines, as infantry were also moving with the artillery. Bullhorns attached to a few selected vehicles were hollering out;
"Citizens of West City, return to your homes immediately. West City is no longer governed by the Central World Government. You are now under the authority of the Reich Earth Order. You will comply with all orders given by Reich Earth officials. Anyone not complying will be met with extreme force. Anyone collaborating with criminals dubbed under; Son Goku, Son Gohan, Son Gojon, Piccolo Junior, Vegeta, Krillin, Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, and Yamcha, will be executed. Anyone that has any information concerning the location and whereabouts of the previously stated individuals will come forth and state the informat
:iconsuperiornite:superiornite 1 31
Mature content
Son of Heroes: Future Wrath of the Kryptosaiyan ch :iconsuperiornite:superiornite 0 470
Son of Heroes: General Zod ch. 6
Destruction and chaos raining all around the planet, Adipos, as King Cold had already been laying siege to it with his endless army of Manhunters, along with the Warworld acting as the massive flagship. Cold was currently looking up to the sky to see what was it that the Warworld sensors were picking up that were nearing the planet.
"Get communications," Cold ordered his soldiers in the Warworld, via connection he still had with the planet sized war machine.
The Planet Trade Organization soldiers were still of some good use to King Cold, and right now, a couple of them were doing as their king had ordered them to do.
"Unidentified celestial object, do you copy?" a technician called out.
"I hear you, oh loyal cannon fodder to my father," the robotic voice of Cooler was heard in the speaker.
"Is… is that… Frieza," one technician stuttered, realizing that this could be one of King Cold's lost son Frieza.
"No, I am the oldest one. The first one to fall to the Kryptoni
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Lithil Lisa Luthor by superiornite Lithil Lisa Luthor :iconsuperiornite:superiornite 1 52


"I'm not one for rules and laws and all that bullcrap, but you better play nice or I'm coming for you."

Alias: Kasador, the Harbinger of Freedom
Legal Name: Kasador Maximus
Morality: Chaotic Good
Inspiration: Mad Max, Wolverine (X-Men Franchise), Rambo (Rambo series), Jedediah Smith (Into the West)


Gender: Male
Age: 25
Sexual Orientation: heterosexual
Occupation: Wanderer, royal prince (figurehead only), bounty hunter
Height: 7 ft 8 inches
Weight: 700 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Hair Type: Long and Wild
Eye Color: Red
Skin Color: Pale White
Race/Species: Almara-Czaranian
Nationality: Almaracian
Voice: Ray Romano (Everybody Loves Raymond, Ice Age, Parenthood) (A/N: Lobo's voice actor in DCAU was Brad Barret, who played the older brother to Ray Romano's character in Everybody Loves Raymond. Leave it at that.)
Distinguishing Features: rugged beard
Costume: Black Coat, Gray Abdomen Body Armor, dark pants, brown boots, black hat (constantly get destroyed in every fight)

Powers and Abilities

Powers: Czarnian Physiology (Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Stamina, Immortality, Invulnerability, Superhuman Speed, Self-Sustenance, Regeneration, Blood Clones, Weak Point Detection), Royal Almeracan Physiology (superhuman strength, superhuman stamina, superhuman speed, flight, telekinesis, empathy, telepathy, hypnosis, optical force-beams, force field-generation)
Power Limitations: Blood Clones don't have healing factor
Abilities: Tracking, Multilingualism, Expert Combatant, unpredictability, Escapology
Weapons: Alien Blaster, Prometheum Bowie Knife
Gadgets/Tech: Weapons pouch
Physical Weaknesses: Nanites/Bio-Infection can temper with healing factor, anti-healing factor weapons, Czaranians can kill him permanently
Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Claustrophobia

Personality and Relationships

Primary Traits: a surprisingly gentle giant, but watch out when he gets ticked off. Prefers easy-going lifestyle when not out beating heads that need beating. Quiet around strangers, but when he needs to speak Kasador is not afraid of speaking. When with friends/family, Kasador can be outspoken.
Likes: FREEDOM!, Western movies, Country/Rock, Drinking, Animals
Dislikes: Tyrants, Bondage Fetishes, Chains, Being inside a prison cell
Habits/Quirks: talking out loud when alone, reminding people he's not like his father
Fears: Losing his free will, being trapped
Motivation: Kasador can be considered a wild man in that he tends to always go into the frontiers of the unknown, where he is not anchored down and forced to remain in one place forever living off the worlds as he wanders. Living as a slave for years, Kasador is attached to the theoretical concept and idea of freedom and liberty and lives by it to the fullest. Kasador always helps someone who is being threatened and oppressed, because he was in the position of being enslaved and subjugated. Kasador hates tyrants and authority figures who misuse their power for corrupt reasons.
Family: Maxima (mother)
Lobo (father)
Unnamed half-siblings (Coming soon...)
Romantic Interests: R'iva J'onnz (lover)
Allies: Justice League members
Rivals: Kairo Prince El/Superwonder, in brawn
Enemies: Mongol III and his Warworld Elite
Warworld gladiators (formerly)
More coming soon...
Alias: Superwonder
Legal Name: Kairo Jonathan Kent Prince El
Morality: lawful neutral with good tendencies, Kairo hates evil, but devoted to the cause of justice will go after anyone who does wrong superhero or otherwise. However, whose justice does come into question.
Inspiration: Samurai Jack, Mister Majestic, Special Agent Aaron Hotchner, Judge Dredd
Quote: “Justice punishes the guilty. Justice protects the innocent. Justice has no bias. Justice has no soul. I. Am. Justice.”


Gender: male
Age: (currently) 22
Sexual Orientation: heteromantic asexual
Occupation: superhero, qualified attorney, royal prince, military official
Height: 6 ft, 5 inches
Weight: 250 lbs
Hair Color: black
Hair Type: short and trimmed
Eye Color: blue
Skin Color: Olive skin
Race/Species: Kryptoamazon (Kryptonian/Amazon)
Nationality: Themysciran (Themyscira,Amazon homeland)
Voice: Ben McKenzie
Distinguishing Features: N/A
Costume: Kryptonian body armor, Silver Amazon Arm Bracers, Red Cloak, Red Boots

Powers and Abilities

Powers:  Krypto-Amazon Physiology (Solar Radiation Absorption, Superhuman Strength, Invulnerability, Longevity, Superhuman Stamina, Flight, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Hearing, Super Smell, Heat Vision, Self-Sustenance, Healing Factor, Super-Breath, Super Vision (Electro-magnetic Spectrum Vision, Telescopic Vision, Microscopic Vision, X-Ray Vision), Divine Empowerment, Superhuman Durability, Superhuman Reflexes, Superhuman Agility, Superhuman Stamina, Oneness With Fire, Empathy, Animal Empathy)
Power Limitations: requires solar recharge for Kryptonian powers
Abilities: Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced), Multilingualism, leadership, advanced detective skills, law intuition, Advanced Tactician and Strategist, Diplomacy, Aviation, Master combatant (Archery, Swordsmanship, Lassoing, Throwing), Stealth/Recon expert Genius Level Intellect, Indomitable Will, Torquasm Vo & Torquasm Rao
Weapons: Amazon weapon gauntlets, Kryptonian bodyarmor
Gadgets/Tech: Invisible Jet, all items in Stronghold of Serenity (Kairo's own Fortress of Solitude)
Physical Weaknesses: divine piercing weapons
Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: prideful, refusal to express emotions can lead to stress, so requires time away to expel and meditate

Personality and Relationships

Primary Traits: Stoic and introverted; refuses to let his emotions run his actions, and because of that can come off as emotionless. Kairo also asserts himself to a dominant leadership position; looking out for teammates but declaring plans and methods.
Likes: JUSTICE!, family, Stoic Philosophers, meditation, farming
Dislikes: evil, procrastination, teleportation, New Bloods, raves and nightclubs, alcohol
Habits/Quirks: recites a Stoic quote/verse when in concentration and/or meditation, puns
Fears: Evil triumphing
Motivation: born and raised by superheroes, Kairo sees it his responsibility to help people and stop evil when he has the means and skills. Kairo's devotion to Stoicism also motivates him to establish the betterment for all even if it means making his own life difficult.
Family: Clark Kent/Kal-El, Superman (Father)
Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (Mother)
Jor-El (grandfather, deceased)
Lara-El (grandfather, deceased)
Lara Kent Prince El (sister)
Jonathan Kent (adoptive grandfather, deceased)
Martha Kent (adoptive grandmother)
Kara Zor-El (cousin once removed)
Kon-El/Conner Kent (“brother”)
Christopher Kent (foster brother)
Kem-L (ancestor, deceased)
Rao (ancestor)
Ares (great-grandfather)
Hippolyta (grandmother)
Antiope (great-aunt, deceased)
Theseus (great-uncle by Antiope, deceased)
Hippolytus (cousin once removed by Antiope and Theseus, deceased)
Donna Troy ("aunt")
Alexandra Luthor (genetic half-sister)
Romantic Interests: Lisa Luthor
Allies: Terry Wayne/Batman Beyond (best friend)
Bruce Wayne/Former Batman (godfather)
Rivals: Kasador, in brawn
Martin Jordan/Blue Lantern, in philosophy
Enemies: Mongul and his Warworld Elite
Renegade Cadmus Clones
More coming soon...
Okay first off, before anyone assumes anything, I love the ending of Samurai Jack. Genndy Tartakovsky is an amazing and talented writer who has every right to show how his characters are portrayed in his masterpiece who doesn't deserve ridicule for what he writes (Looking at you Jashi-Haters and Hetero-haters).

But hear me out;
This petition isn't demanding that Samuari Jack's ending is changed and everything redone. This just petitioning for an alternate ending, that could just be featured in the dvd/blu-ray release of Samurai Jack Season 5.…

I call to all who felt hurt and damaged by the beautiful yet bittersweet ending to this amazing show, and all who want for Jack to get the rewarding happiness he deserves. Let's bring back Ashi via alternate ending.
  • Reading: 2 Corinthians
  • Watching: Criminals Minds
Two days late, I know, but that's because that ending... too bittersweet.
If you haven't watched the ending of Samurai Jack then.... (SPOILERS)....

Here are my reactions;😢😭😣
I'm not joking. Seriously, Jack has already gone through enough, and on the day of his wedding with the woman who saved him and gave him hope once more, Ashi just vanishes. And the soundtrack to those scenes, my heart sinks deeper and deeper. Jack and Ashi deserved to be together!!

Other than that, the middle portion of the final episode; awesome action and homage to most of the amazing characters that have appeared in Samurai Jack. I was so happy to see the Spartans appear holding the line even against Aku, the jump good apes (I'd call them monkies, but they dont have tails to be called monkies) making use what Jack had taught them, the colossal samurai statue, and of course the Scotsman and his daughters.

Aku finally gone. So great that in the beginning they make use of thr original intro of Samurai Jack; Aku explaining his story and conflict with Jack since their first encounter and how Jack intends to return to the past. I believe they were even using the recorded voice of the late Mako.

Back to Jack and Ashi... I really cannot accept the fate of being erased from existence. Jack remembers her. As do all who were there. And another thing, if Ashi were erased, then Jack's return would also not be possible. So that means... Ashi is still out there.

What are your all's thoughts?
  • Listening to: David Jeremiah
  • Watching: Vikings
"I understand your suspecsion towards us, but let me assure you, we're here to help just like the superheroes."

Real Name: Laurie Eden

Superhero/Rank: Nightshade, Captain Eden

Family: Eve Eden (mother)
Unnamed father

Personality/Behavior: influenced by her mother's service to the government, Laurie Eden joined the United States Armed Forces. Her military lifestyle has shaped her into being sternly quiet and polite, which makes her to be proper model soldier. Despite her silent introvert appearance, Laurie is not afraid of speaking to a single and crowd of individuals. She's even a suffecient diplomat and public liason for ARGUS, and whenever her commanding officer is not available, Laurie's a capable de-facto leader. While Laurie can be stoic most of the time, she can show a soft and warm care to civilians, in particular the youth. As a soldier, Laurie is shaped to obey her superiors, but when it comes to her commanding officer, Colonel Wyatt Adam, she's loyal to him to the end. When in a situation of being ordered to carry out an order that is not ethical and morally right, Laurie will take a stand and refuse to carry it out.

Shadow/darkness manipulation (shadow constructs, teleportation via darkness, black hole mimicry, shadow “demons” summons, shadow homunculi creation, shadow barriers, etc.)
Access to the Shadowlands grants longevity, enhanced physical conditioning
Diplomacy, multilingual, military training
Okay first off, before anyone assumes anything, I love the ending of Samurai Jack. Genndy Tartakovsky is an amazing and talented writer who has every right to show how his characters are portrayed in his masterpiece who doesn't deserve ridicule for what he writes (Looking at you Jashi-Haters and Hetero-haters).

But hear me out;
This petition isn't demanding that Samuari Jack's ending is changed and everything redone. This just petitioning for an alternate ending, that could just be featured in the dvd/blu-ray release of Samurai Jack Season 5.…

I call to all who felt hurt and damaged by the beautiful yet bittersweet ending to this amazing show, and all who want for Jack to get the rewarding happiness he deserves. Let's bring back Ashi via alternate ending.
  • Reading: 2 Corinthians
  • Watching: Criminals Minds


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